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Life Thru My Designer Glasses...
A collection of all the pretty things that I love to look at and all the beautiful places that I dream of traveling too... plus a random note from my loud and silly life every now and then... ENJOY! <3

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“Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we’re quoting.” - John Green


Lettering collection from Feb - March 2014. My past lettering pieces are tagged here :)

For prints, shirts, cases, bags etc.. you can check them on my Redbubble or Society6.


Drizzle and Hurricane metaphor | Animated Lettering

View the clearer version here

Static/Non-animated version 

The Fault in Our Stars


Miniature Book Necklaces @CarasBookishCharms


Did you know you can do biorhythms for couples? This is great for seeing if you’re out of sync with each other.


 You can’t weigh the beauty of something for its weight, its appearance or other’s social standards. Like what makes you feel good , love who you want and most importantly - yourself. Say NO to body shaming.