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Photos by Kayla Griffiths

Photos by Kayla Griffiths

Photos by Kayla Griffiths 

Photos by Kayla Griffiths 

Photos by Kayla Griffiths … minus one :)



Augh I’m obsessing so much about this book.

So I work at a print shop at my school which means that I occasionally get to print stuff for free, within reason, and so sometimes I print my art. It’s such a bizarre feeling seeing something that only existed on my computer became an actual tangible thing.

So anyway since I’m a nerd and I’m waiting for this book to come out I formatted my original submission into a printable cover, with the dimensions based on my hardcover copy of Paper Towns (as you can see in the third picture).

I’m sure this doesn’t look nearly as good as what the actual as yet unreleased cover will be but this will placate me for the time being. I’ve actually had this printed out for a while but never got around to taking a picture. Unfortunately I have no idea where my good camera is (I think my dad took it) BUT I was impatient and ended up using my phone, so yea, not the best quality photos. It’s like past midnight right now, so I’m not gonna fuss.

The paper itself was too short (we don’t stock longer than 11x17) so the quote on the inside got all squished.

OH before I forget, the little nerdfighter arms on the spine aren’t my design. I found it in a quick Google search. I didn’t find out whose it was until after I printed it, but I believe it was drawn by Vondell Swain, so credit goes to him for that.

GOOD GOD! If I was Penguin, I would give up right now and use this one.